Beautia and Glenn met in 2011 and soon their relationship began to grow from more than just a manager-employee relationship. By the Spring of 2012 they had begun spending a lot of time together and even going on mini-vacations together.

The fate of Beautia and Glenn's relationship was uncertain when that summer Glenn left with a one-way ticket to Europe.

However, ultimately, love brought this couple back together because it had been truly love at first sight.

Beautia Chung and Glenn Martin

We're Getting Married!

Beautia Chung and Glenn Martin invite friends and family to join their wedding celebration on May 21, 2016 in Iowa City, Iowa.

Our ceremony will be held at the Ned Ashton House with a reception to follow.

Please book your Hotel Room(s) as soon as possible. We've secured a special rate at the Marriot Hotel in Coralville.

Registry Information: